Beyond the Lens!

Beyond The Lens attraction in Pigeon Forge
Photo Credit: Beyond the Lens!

Beyond the Lens! is Pigeon Forge’s newest highly interactive and immersive experience for all ages. Pairing old-school nostalgia with cutting-edge technology, it will stir up forgotten memories and give you a chance to make some new ones. Learn about the events and public figures that shaped our culture, and experience the games and entertainment that will shape our future.

Go on an exciting family-friendly adventure at Beyond the Lens! that’s loaded with interactive exhibits. You’ll play escape and virtual reality games, take an in-depth look at President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, go on a hi-tech celebrity pet scavenger hunt, do a hunt for Bigfoot, jump into an alien egg ball pit and have an unbelievable amount of crazy fun photo ops.

Ever wondered how celebrities feel as they walk down the red carpet? You will get that same treatment as you do it yourself. Virtual photographers come to life as you make your grand appearance. They’ll start snapping their cameras furiously to get the right shot. Start practicing your signature moves and hot poses now.

Bigfoot is a legend. Pay tribute to the big guy and visit the Bigfoot Research Facility. Not only will you get a chance to have your picture taken with Bigfoot, you’ll also have a chance to search for him. There are Bigfoot Finders with huge displays showing the lower 48 states. You can zoom into your hometown to see if Bigfoot has been seen on your street. This is good information to have, especially when you head home… just in case. Try some new virtual reality games put you directly in the action. Imagine that you are working on becoming a master of the laser sword in Beat Saber. One laser sword in each hand, you’ll slice, swing and skewer blocks of light in a specialized training center.

The virtual fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get to chase and be chased by dinosaurs on the Jurassic Escape game. Crashing through the jungle in a jeep, you’ll encounter a Tyrannosaur rex, flying pterosaurs, and even snakes, as you race over bumpy terrain and a swinging bridge.

Then encounter some friends from other worlds. Review some interesting facts about alien visitors and then have your own first encounter. There’s even an Alien Egg Pit. Kids have a ball swimming around the pit but the adults have the real fun since this is their chance to be a kid again. Hop in the pit and relive childhood! This makes a great family photo op that you will cherish for years.

Test your skills on classic and current video games and reminisce about your favorite TV shows, movies and toys from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s in the Through the Decades exhibit. Remember your first movie? Remember when phones were on the walls? How about your favorite video game that you played for hours? They’re all there, along with an exciting small glimpse into the future.

Visit Beyond the Lens! to have a most unique experience in Pigeon Forge. Look for the big building that looks like it fell over on itself. Walk through the front doors, which look like giant cameras, and go Beyond the Lens! Learn more at